Terms & Conditions

We accept Paypal payments. If you need to pay by another method please contact us for further suggestions. Please note that Paypal payment is expected at the time of purchase and not longer than 24 hours after purchase.

Our straps are shipped typically within 5-7 days after we receive your order (unless specified in the listing).
We ship via USPS first class or priority, these usually take 3-4 days for US shipping and may take 7-10 business days internationally. "Delivery Confirmation" is included. Please let us know if you need to overnight it and we can advise you of the costs acordingly. For international orders, please note that the customer will be responsible for any duties or charges in the destination country.
Shipping insurance is optional and will be added upon request.

Sizzle Strapz and/or Sizhfleür are not responsible for any damages or injury resulting to anyone from use or otherwise of our products. By ordering and purchasing our goods from our website or any other source you agree use our products solely at your own risk.
We are not responsible for postal delays, customs charges, or any loss of merchandize during transit made by the shipping entity.